About me

A little about myself

Hi there, thanks for reading this! My name is Emma Böcker . I am a political activist and full-stack developer from germany.

Technology and Software Development

I've been interested in technology since a very young age and I started programming when I was about 11 years old. Since then I've been learning and working with different technologies and languages. Starting with making Minecraft Plugins in Java and later switching to Kotlin for that. I focus on expanding my skills for building things on the Internet now. A good example for that is this website, which I built myself!

I enjoy Programming Languages like Rust, Typescript and Kotlin. I have also started adopting Nix(-Os) and I am liking it a lot!

Political Activism

While I enjoy sotware development a lot, the world is a place of corruption, exploitation and injustice. I am convinced that we can and should do better. We should all fight for a better world without capitalism, fascism, discrimination and oppression. To bring my ideas into politics, I am on the federal board of Linksjugend ['solid], the youth organisation of the german left party. My activism does make it harder to concentrate on my excitement for technology and software development, but sometimes I still get to realize cool projects. Usually I write about this and my personal life on twitter.